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Tourist information

Gjesdal public library is also the tourist information of Gjesdal municipality. The library provides information about the area both with a large selection of brochures in several languages and an interactive Infoscreen. Feel free to use our wireless Wi-Fi or our PCs to access the Internet.

Ordinary opening hours:                Summer opening hours (ca. 20. juni - 15. august)
Monday - Thursday: kl. 10-18           Monday: kl. 10 - 18
Friday: kl. 10-15                                  Tuesday - Friday: kl. 10-15
Saturday: kl. 10-14                             Saturday: kl. 10-13

Contact the library:


Phone: 5161 4300

If we're closed, try contacting the closes tourist information: Sandnes tourist information: 51 97 55 55


Fishing in Gjesdal

Ved veveriet

Fishing rights are normally the rights of the landowners. Landowners give you the right to fish or they sell fishing cards. In addition you must buy local fishing cards.

Lodging in Gjesdal


The hotels are Gjesdal gjestegiveri (Ålgård) og Byrkjedalstunet (Byrkjedal). Hut rental in Frafjord, at Søyland and at Kongeparken camping. There is also room for camping at Kongeparken camping.

Attractions in Gjesdal

Fossi Gjesdal

What to see and do when in Gjesdal